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High returns rarely seen on the stock exchange

  • Duration

  • Gain

    📈 101.67%


  • Duration

  • Gain

    📈 15.49%

Argiano Brunello di Montalcino

  • Duration

  • Gain

    📈 21.38%

Penfolds Bin 389

  • Duration

  • Gain

    📈 41.87%

Domaine Cecile Tremblay Morey Saint Denis Tres Girard

Why choose wine investment?

  • Beaten the S&P 500 4.2X
    since 1952
  • Appreciated 147% over the
    past 10 yrs
  • Top performing asset class
    for the last 5 yrs

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How we help

OENO is the world's most awarded Wine Investment Firm & Merchant. Our CEO, Michael Doerr was also awarded the #1 Wine Investment Advisor in the world by Spears 500.

Our goal is to share as much luxury investment education as possible to give you the choice and confidence of how you can achieve above-market returns with the world's most delicious assets.

Investing with Oeno

Investing with us is an extremely simple and easy-to-understand process for both experienced collectors and those beginning their investment journey.

Our insider knowledge means you can relax and be confident that our team will help you build a covetable and highly profitable portfolio.

Getting started

A great place to start is by downloading our FREE 60-page guide. Our team can then arrange a call with you to learn more about you and your investment goals.

A dedicated account manager can then guide you through each stage of the process, creating your portfolio and updating you on the performance. Plus our new Oeno investment app makes it easy to view your portfolio at your fingertips.

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5-star reviews from our happy investors

The Oeno Group responsiveness and personal interaction with Michael Doerr made the experience of becoming a member excellent. The only detractor was the difficulty in identifying how to secure an account and load funds on the website.

Edward McDonald

The OenoFuture executive Bailey Cooke, took time to explain the features of the investment transaction through a few conversations and answered all the questions had about the industry. The payment of deposit and balance were made very easy for me given that I had a hectic travel schedule in the middle of the transaction. And the choice of products for my portfolio were clearly and expertly outlined in a clear and understandable manner. Very good attitude and real customisation in the approach to clients. Highly recommend.

Bailey is a true professional and it’s been a pleasure to work with him on this investment. I look forward to a fruitful working relationship with him and OenoFuture.

Beatrice Chaytor

I was introduced to the Wine investment world by Oeno Wines and more specifically my broker David Alvarez. I had some extra funds from work savings and needed to diversify my portfolio.

Upon hearing about investing in fine wines I was naturally skeptical and had to s of questions, as I had never heard of it before. David was 5 starts in answering all my questions, clearing all my doubts, and teaching me almost all I know about wine.

Cannot recommend investing with David @ Oeno enough.

Guilherme Hortinha

If you had invested $100 in the fine wine market in 1952, your investment would now be worth $420,000.

Dont’ miss out on this top-performing asset class. Get your FREE 60-page wine investment guide.

Frequently asked questions in wine investing


What is wine investment?

Wine investment involves purchasing wine with the intention of selling it later at a higher price, potentially making a profit.

How does wine investing work?

Investors purchase fine wines, often in bulk or cases, and store them under optimal conditions to increase their value over time. They may sell these wines through auctions, brokers, or directly to buyers when the market price appreciates.

What factors affect the value of wine as an investment?

Several factors influence wine value, including producer reputation, rarity, vintage quality, critics' ratings, market demand, and provenance (storage history and condition).

Is investing in wine profitable?

Wine investment can be profitable, but it's not guaranteed. Prices fluctuate based on market trends, economic conditions, and consumer preferences. Some wines appreciate significantly over time, while others may not yield substantial returns.

What are the risks associated with wine investment?

Risks include market fluctuations, storage conditions affecting wine quality, counterfeit bottles, changes in consumer preferences, and regulatory changes impacting the wine market.

How long do I need to invest for?

Wine is a long-term investment. As the longer the wine is held, typically, the more the value rises as more bottles are consumed and they become harder to find. As a minimum, it should be viewed as a minimum of a year hold.